About Us

Integra is a leading provider of innovative high technology products and solutions in the Government, BFSI and Telecom space, with an emphasis on India & Africa.

Since its Inception, Integra has been at the forefront of innovation& has several leading products to its credit. From building automation products on UNIX, to wireless internet, and more recently, in financial inclusion. Its products have been accepted and utilized by multiple customers, in varied environments, across the globe.

Several First

  1. First to port UNIX on Indian hardware
  2. First to build office automation, communication and networking suites on UNIX for Indian clients
  3. First to develop a TCP/IP stack and WAP stack in India, along with associated software solutions and services
  4. First to build scalable Internet related utilities and solutions for Indian companies
  5. First in Asia to build Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) gateway and browsers
  6. Firsts to offer indigenous technology and services for branchless banking in India

The Integra Story

Since its inception, Integra has continued to build, promote and support its own products that have captured a large market share in their respective segments.

In its early years, Integra was known to be a UNIX company, as it was the first to port UNIX onto Indian hardware and went on to develop several leading networking, office automation and imaging products on UNIX, which were then ported onto many other platforms. These products went on to become the industry standard, captured a large market share and are even used today.

Jataayu Software, a former subsidiary, was the first company in India to bring out the WAP browser, WAP gateway, and many other products in mobile infrastructure software for mobile handset manufacturers and telco operators VAS backend.

Integra today has several pioneering products for the financial inclusion, e-Governance and transaction gateways, and technologies to biometric enable any enterprise application.

Integra's vision is to be a leader in core technologies by offering world class software products, solutions and services at affordable cost through innovation and futuristic technologies.